GRB is the first ghee manufacturing company in the country to invest heavily across all mass-media vehicles to reach its brand and marketing communication to the public.

The entrepreneurs' understands and belief in the power of media is the secret behind the enormous success of its brands GRB & Udhayam. Today with the help of its strategically well-planned and well-designed advertising campaigns and several production-rich TV commercials with leading celebrity endorsements the brands have become the most well-known and instantly-recognised entities across South-India.

Marketing a product plays a pivotal role in the success of any organization and its brands. GRB has invested in a strong and professional marketing setup to meet its day-to-day marketing challenges.

In fact, GRB is the first South-Indian company to have an organized sales management system in the ghee category. It also has functional branch offices in all the markets it operates in South-India. The centralized production unit is situated at Hosur ensures quicker turnaround time in every aspect of manufacturing and marketing.